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Cho Lei Aung – Tree Food

Cho Lei Aung – Tree Food – Food Business

Cho Lei Aung

I began my own food company called Tree Food Company nearly 3 years ago well it was 1 year in the making and have been selling since September 2015. I make different flavoured Jaggery which is made with sugar from Palm trees. Myanmar people eat these sweets after dinner it helps digestion. I also work in a tailor shop with my sister since 2011.

I think making food is like making Art. I care about the flavour and always want to try new combinations. My friend asked me are you making a business or just playing? This pushed me to start selling although I wasn’t confident about being a business woman, but now I am so happy I have done it.

I love being creative and always want to be doing something. I teach art in an orphanage here in Yangon as I think it so important for the children to be creative.

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