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Bayin Food founders John and Katrina


The main source of Bayin’s products is Myin Sine which is located in the region of Magway, the largest region in Myanmar. Myin Sine village is not the largest, however. It has a population of 1,345 and 298 houses. This is where Joes father grew up and his aunt and uncles still run the farm.

Myin sine school has 282 students ageing from 4-13 years of age with 8 teachers in total. As you can imagine that is a tough task for 8 teachers. One of Joe’s uncles is the headmaster and when Katrina and John visited recently they asked him what he needed most for the school. He said books and pencils, and also a playground for the primary school. This is Bayin’s first goal to provide the children of Myin Sine school with a playground showing children that school can enjoyable (some of the time anyway!) The Bayin mission is to continue helping the local schools, students and teachers in Myanmar.

We believe a business is only great if it is great for all the community. Being a social enterprise is extremely important to all at Bayin and we will continue to source products ethically and responsibly with an aim of giving back.

Bayin Food Myanmar
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