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Turkey Recipe

Turkey Recipe

You can pick up our Bayin oils online:
In the UK on Amazon
Ireland at Asia Market or Ardkeen
1 Bottle of Bayin Peanut Oil (amount will vary on size of Turkey)
2 large onions or stuffing. (Some people prefer to cook their stuffing separately. Stuffing should not weigh more than 10% of the birds weight e.g 500g for 5kg turkey)
Turkey Baster
1. Take Turkey out of fridge an hour before cooking. Pre-heat oven to 180º celsius.
2. Chop the onions in half and place inside the Turkey or add the stuffing at this point.
3. Pour Bayin Peanut oil all over Turkey. Use your hands to massage it all over Turkey.
4. Put Turkey uncovered in deep roasting tray and place in oven for 1 hour basting at least twice during this first hour. It will be crispy on the outside but it will seal in all the juices.
5. After 1 hour cover the Turkey with aluminium foil making sure that it is sealed tightly around the cooking tray.
6. How long to cook Turkey depends on the weight. Cook Turkey for 35-40 minutes per kilo. You should allow extra time for cooking if you have used stuffing.
7. Basting gets the skin of the Turkey crispier and we would recommend to baste the turkey every 30 minutes.
8. Check it is done by piercing the fattest part of the thigh, if the juices are clear its ready. Allow the Turkey to rest outside the oven still covered in aluminium foil for 1 hour. This also gives you time to get those potatoes roasted!
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